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Inventor System Requirements

Inventor CPU

When selecting a CPU for Autodesk Inventor, it’s crucial to note that most of the software’s functions are single-threaded, meaning they only utilize one core of the CPU. If you want to enhance the performance of your computer, it’s advisable to select a processor that has a high clock speed. At present, the Intel Core i9 13900K or i7 13700K are popular choices among users due to their impressive clock speeds and considerable number of cores. Furthermore, these processors come equipped with slower “efficiency” cores that can come in handy for handling tasks running in the background and rendering.

While there may be some tasks in Inventor that require the use of multiple cores, the recommended processors already have multiple cores and are expected to function optimally in such situations

If you frequently engage in rendering or FEA simulations, a CPU with a higher core count might be necessary. In such scenarios, the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X with 16 full-speed cores could be a viable option. There is no best CPU for Autodesk Inventor.

Inventor Rendering GPU

In Autodesk Inventor, the video card is responsible for displaying the 2D and 3D models on the screen. While consumer video cards may offer better performance for the price, it is recommended to use professional workstation video cards, such as those from NVIDIA’s RTX A-series, as they are officially certified and supported by Autodesk. This ensures that you have access to full support in the event of a software issue.

For optimal performance when working with 3D models and assemblies in Inventor, a faster video card is generally recommended. For most projects, the RTX A4000 16GB is sufficient for small to medium assemblies. However, for larger assemblies, the RTX A5000 24GB may be a better choice. The RTX A6000 48GB is only necessary for the largest of projects.

RAM Requirement for Inventor

When determining the amount of memory required for Autodesk Inventor, it’s important to consider the size and complexity of the models you’ll be working with. As a general guideline, here are some suggested amounts of RAM: 16GB is sufficient for most users and can support assemblies of up to around 1,000 parts. 32GB of RAM is recommended for larger assemblies or when running multiple tasks at once.

64GB of RAM is ideal for intensive rendering or simulation tasks.

Which Storage for AutoDesk Inventor

For optimal performance in Inventor and other software, we suggest using an SSD as your primary drive. These drives are faster and more affordable than traditional hard drives and improve the speed of booting, launching applications, and loading files. NVMe SSDs with M.2 connections offer the fastest transfer rates.

Having a second SSD to store active projects can also improve performance. A 500GB capacity for the OS drive is recommended to avoid the need for an upgrade in the near future.

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