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  • AMD Radeon Pro W7900 & W7800 Review

    AMD Radeon Pro W7900 & W7800 Review

    Purpose-built for Video Editing & 3D Rendering When it comes to software like Unreal Engine, Blender & DaVinci Resolve, the GPU is the heart of your workstation. And VRAM decides how big of a project you can work on in a single go. AMD’s Radeon W7900 and W7800, built on the RDNA 3 architecture, with […]

  • Reality Capture System Requirements

    Reality Capture System Requirements

    TheMVP has conducted tests on various hardware components to determine the best options for running Reality Capture software. Based on these tests, we have developed our own list of recommended hardware to help ensure optimal performance. Unlike other system requirements lists, this one is based on thorough testing and provides more accurate information about hardware […]

  • Pix4D System Requirements

    Pix4D System Requirements

    The utilization of the CPU by Pix4D in each processing step is different. Although Pix4D is able to make use of multiple CPU cores to a moderate extent, the clock speed is also an important factor in its performance. In order to determine the best processor for Pix4D, it is important to consider the specifics […]

  • Agisoft Metashape System Requirements

    Agisoft Metashape System Requirements

    Agisoft provides a list of system requirements for Metashape to ensure compatibility with the software. However, it’s important to note that such lists typically only outline the minimum hardware requirements and may not indicate the best hardware for optimal performance. Additionally, these lists can sometimes be outdated, include obsolete hardware versions, or simply not highlight […]

  • SolidWorks System Requirements

    SolidWorks System Requirements

    The majority of software programs have a set of minimum system requirements, including those for video cards, to ensure compatibility with a user’s computer hardware. Nevertheless, these requirements often only provide the bare minimum necessary to run the software and do not take into account the hardware that would offer optimal performance. In some instances, […]

  • Inventor System Requirements

    Inventor System Requirements

    Inventor CPU When selecting a CPU for Autodesk Inventor, it’s crucial to note that most of the software’s functions are single-threaded, meaning they only utilize one core of the CPU. If you want to enhance the performance of your computer, it’s advisable to select a processor that has a high clock speed. At present, the […]

  • AutoCAD System Requirements

    AutoCAD System Requirements

    Autodesk provides a list of system requirements for different versions of AutoCAD, however, this list is not necessarily comprehensive. The best hardware for optimum performance is not taken into account and is only mentioned as a minimum requirement. Some lists may also contain outdated or possibly underperforming hardware. We’ve performed our own testing and compiled […]

  • Revit System Requirements

    Revit System Requirements

    Autodesk offers a list of necessary hardware specifications for Revit to function with a computer system. They are unable to accurately depict the ideal hardware setup for peak performance due to these restrictions. We conducted extensive testing to determine the hardware that operates the best when using Revit in order to address this. As a […]