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  • Speed up your Render Times – Ultimate PC Build Guide for VFX & CGI Workflows

    Speed up your Render Times – Ultimate PC Build Guide for VFX & CGI Workflows

    Today we’ll go through what kind of a hardware setup you need to speed up your VFX Workflow & Render Times. From Beginners all-the-way to Professional Studios. Disclaimer: VFX is a really wide industry – so we’re mainly focusing on 3D workflows which are long and involve multiple softwares. If you specialise in a single […]

  • Houdini System Requirements

    Houdini System Requirements

    Houdini is a 3D modelling and VFX software from SideFX, similar to Nuke and After Effects, and is used as a plug-in with software like Unreal Engine, Unity, AutoDesk Maya, and 3DS Max. It is mostly used for animating characters and also has strong simulation tools, making it ideal for effects like fire, smoke, and […]

  • AutoDesk 3DS Max system requirements

    AutoDesk 3DS Max system requirements

    Autodesk maintains a list of Software requirements but because of how inconsistent those lists can be, we’ve taken the time to perform testing to determine what hardware can run 3DS Max in the most optimal method. Based on this testing, we have come up with our own list of recommended hardware for 3ds Max. Which […]

  • Cinema 4D System Requirements

    Cinema 4D System Requirements

    Like most software developers, Maxon maintains a list of system requirements for Cinema 4D that can be used to help ensure the hardware in your system will work with their software. However, this “system requirements” list only covers the very basics of what hardware is needed to run the software, not what hardware will actually […]

  • Unreal Engine System Requirements

    One of the most widely used game engines for virtual production and game development is Unreal Engine. It is crucial to have a system that complies with certain hardware requirements in order to guarantee top performance and a pleasurable experience. Based on our testing and performance analysis, we will go over the suggested hardware specifications […]

  • Blender System Requirements

    Blender System Requirements

    Blender is a popular 3D creation software used by artists, animators, and designers. To ensure the best performance when using Blender, it is important to have a computer system with the right hardware. In this article, we are going to go over Blender PC Requirements. Best CPU for Blender The processor or CPU is a […]

  • Unity System Requirements

    Unity System Requirements

    Like the majority of other programs, Unity has a set of hardware requirements that must be fulfilled. However, you must be aware of which hardware supports Unity the best in order to get the best performance. This guide will cover the top processors, video cards, memory, and storage drives for Unity development. Get in touch […]

  • Autodesk Maya System Requirements

    Autodesk Maya System Requirements

    Autodesk Maya is a complex software that requires a powerful CPU and video card to handle its demanding workload. Most design tasks in Maya, like creating, modifying, and animating 3D models, can only utilize a single CPU core. So, a high-frequency CPU with a single core is an ideal choice for these tasks. However, certain […]

  • Foundry Nuke System Requirements

    Foundry Nuke System Requirements

    Foundry Developers provides a list of system requirements for Nuke software, which is used to ensure compatibility with the hardware in your system. but it doesn’t give you the full picture. Best CPU for Foundry Nuke To achieve optimal performance with Foundry Nuke, it is recommended to use a CPU with high clock speeds. Intel’s […]