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Network Attached Storage Vs Cloud Storage

We get it – Cloud Storage seems convenient, easy to setup and cheap – BUT is it truly cheap? And if it is – why does a network attached storage makes sense for a lot of people

We built a server with more than 384TB of Storage – for a particular client that has a team of over 50+ video-editors. So how did our solution help them centralise data across 100+ individual systems, which streamlined their process and increased production efficiency by OVER 30% (yes, we did the math – math be mathing

Today – every company is a mini media company. You got to make video content for your socials, your own website, for linkedin – for internal communication – the works. And if you have any hope of keeping sense of this, a central repository is a no brainer.

The media you generate can be in any form – documents, images, videos – and very soon this starts taking up more and more space. For more context – imagine you upload a 10 minute 4K video every week. That’s up-to 50GB of data a week – 2.6 TB an year – for just 1 video a week. If you’re regular with video content – this can exceed 20 TB of data every single year.

Now imagine a team of content creators pushing out content ten times more content – now suddenly that cloud storage doesn’t seem cheap – or convenient. Your internet bandwidth is squeezed every time you fetch that data. God forbid the internet goes down and you find yourself in a bit of a soup. Thats when network attached storages can really clutch it for you. This one in particular below it has a total storage of 384TB!! So how does a NAS server help streamline your media production process?

Well, without a dedicated server – you rely on cloud storage, this means very slow transfer times – almost 10x times as slow compared to a local storage device OR you could be using easy-to misplace & breakable hard drives – which are a huge hassle in itself.

So – when you are a team of over 50 editors with 100+ PCs like our client – you will need a system that puts all your data in one place, instead of buying and managing storage drives for each and every system.

And that’s why this server – has 342 TB of usable storage, write speeds of over 10GB PER SECOND – and data protection for up to 2 DRIVE FAILURES. Which means that even if any one of the drives fails – the NAS will automatically backup files to prevent any data loss!

So now your data is centralised, safe, and secure.

With the TrueNAS software (which is open source ) – you also get cloud storage like UI with the only difference that it is owned by you – no snooping.

Since a NAS is actually connected to your Wifi Network – TrueNAS will allow your server to access the internet – and you can start accessing your files, even if you or your team is not in the office. And locally – as long as your LAN is functioning you dont need to be connected to the internet to access files,

So even if you’re dealing with freelancers or an off-site team – you can exactly choose how much data they can access – exactly like a cloud storage.

But here’s the best part – you don’t really need to spend such a huge amount for all these and you can have all these features in a much smaller NAS as well.

Available for just 40 thousand holding data upto 32TB!

Give you a TLDR ? Here you go –

So you’ve decided what NAS to go with, you’ve bought the drives for it and then you opened the manual to set it up but it’s really hard to understand?

Don’t worry – you actually don’t need to read all of that and we can help you in setting it up!

So if you’re in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Mumbai – visit our stores or check out our website – to get a free consultation.


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