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Custom Gaming PC Parts Recommendation – for 1080p | 2K | 4K

Gaming PC that crushes every game from CSGO to Cyberpunk 2077 – Today we will show you how to choose the right PC components for the best FPS in 1080p, 2K & 4K resolutions. More importantly we will also talk about the common misconceptions that people have.

Your gaming performance is mostly affected by your GPU, CPU & RAM. a lot of people think that motherboard is very important but that’s not entirely true.

As long as your motherboard has enough power phase for your processor’s boost clock – you should only be worried about the ports (USB, audio, LAN, etc.) and slots you will be needing – while choosing a motherboard.

Check out our YouTube video for more details

Pro-Tip: M-ATX motherboards are a huge money saving option for low-mid budget gamers.

Another Pro-Tip: You can also build a Custom Gaming PC with zero hardware knowledge – through our foolproof Gaming PC Configurator here

Which Graphic Card is best for Gaming?

Best 1080p Graphics Card

There are very few options we suggest in this range – RX6400, RX 6600, RTX 3050 and RTX 2060. For 1080p mid-low settings,

The RX6400 will keep up with almost any Game you throw at it including latest AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead and even Cyberpunk.

And as for the rest of the line-up – you will run everything above 60FPS without breaking a sweat. Here’s a comparison chart for all budget GPUs for reference.

GPUsRDR 2GTA 5ValorantFortniteFlight SimCyb 2077Avg FPS~RsRPF
Budget GPUs Price to Performance Chart (RPF: Rupees per Frame)

Best GPU for 2K Gaming

For 2K gaming, at the very least – you will have to go RTX 3060 or RX 6700xt, but We will recommend to go with RTX 3060Ti and above if you have the budget.

For mid settings in 2K you can rely on the 3060 but going anything above that, you either have to go for 3060Ti, RX 6800 or 3070 depending on your budget. AMD for maximum FPS & Nvidia for RT performance & better visuals.

Best GPU for 4K Gaming

You can start with the RTX 3080 – or go with a RTX 4070 with the money we have just saved for you – Again, we’ll use the same formula: 4070 for mid-high settings, and RTX 4080 if you are looking at Ultra. 

Best Processor for Gaming

Best CPU for 1080P Gaming

Coming to the CPU – it’s a very common misconception than 8 cores is a must for Gaming PC. Now, there are some games that make use of having more cores – but when you are looking for a 1080P Gaming PC – even a 4 core CPU will keep up in every game.

Intel’s i3 12100 is the best option in this price range, followed up with i5 12400 if you have a higher budget and you are going for the RTX 3050/RX 6600 – but if your budget is very low you can also go with i3 10100. The benchmarks are attached below – as we’ve mentioned – 12100 keeps up pretty well in almost every game.

Pro Tip: you will always find an ‘F’ version in Intel processors – it’s basically the same processor without integrated graphics. This can save you some more bucks – but in an unfortunate event that your GPU fails, you will not have any way to get a display from your GPU. so choose wisely.

Best CPU for 2K Gaming

For CPU you can start from 6 cores – like i5 12400, and if you have maxed your GPU or you are planning on streaming, you can look at the 13600K or 7800X3D as well.

Best CPU for 4K Gaming

Now, we are talking about the CPU first – because a lot of people think “For 4K gaming – i9 is very important” – This not true, In-fact our recommendation will still be going for the 7800X3D or 13600K since they provide all the cores you need for gaming and streaming as well.

RAM for Gaming PC

How much RAM for 1080P Gaming?

8GB should suffice, for gaming only though – any multi-tasking involved (including streaming) and you will have to lean towards 16GB. But go for 16GB only if you are satisfied with the GPU and CPU you have chosen,

Upgrading your SSD instead can also give better loading times – Because RAM can be easily upgraded in the future.

How much RAM for 2K Gaming?

16GB is the most ideal choice here – going anything above this doesn’t really make sense unless you have 100 chrome tabs, three anti-virus & 4 RGB softwares running in the background.

If you have locked in your CPU, GPU and still have some budget to splurge – going for a DDR5 Ram will be a good option. Both for performance and future proofing your build.

Pro-Tip #2: Allocate a good amount of budget for your monitor since those things ain’t cheap – A good gaming 2K monitor will easily cost you above 30K so make sure you have that set aside, otherwise it doesn’t make sense building a 2K gaming PC.

How much RAM for 4K Gaming?

Again 16GB will work, 32GB if you have a lot of money – 64GB is not really recommended. Rather than going for more RAM you can try going for faster RAM and also larger NVMe SSDs

Pro-Tip #3: these kind of systems are where G-sync monitors make sense. since FPS is never stable, and once you reach a higher number and quality – screen tearing is much more clearly visible.

Gaming PC storage?

This entirely depends on how much you want to store and how much you are willing to pay for it. We would recommend at least 250-500GB SSD for OS and most frequent applications, although storage devices do not show any performance difference apart from loading times.

PC Power Supply – How to select the right PSU?

Deciding on a power supply is fairly simple to be honest – once you’ve selected your CPU and GPU, head over to their product page – note down the total power draw.

Then multiply the total amount by 1.5x – find a power supply that is just higher than that value – and you’re done.

Finally the Cabinet – it’s entirely upto you, if you have a good liquid cooler, the airflow of the cabinet doesn’t make a huge difference – for air coolers and budget CPUs, even a single intake and exhaust will suffice – So just make sure the dimensions match and you have compatibility for the components you have chosen and you are good to go.

Check out our fool-proof configurator for Gaming PCs here

And thank you for reading all the way till the end, Cheers!


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